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Iran Sang Mirzaei Mining and Producing Complex

Iran Sang Mirzaei Mining and Producing Complex under the brand name of Parsian Travertine Shargh Mahalat (PTM) entered the field of mining in 1352 SH. In 1359 SH, after continuous activity and a lot of perseverance, the first stone processing factory named Nimvar Stone Industries Company was established and initiated in Nimvar city.

Due to the favorable growth and progress in the first ten years in 1361 SH, this complex was expanded and the Gharb Lai Bid crystal stone mine was initiated in Isfahan province. Also, in 1364 SH, the second construction stone mine called Crystal Lay Bed was initiated.

In 1367 SH, the third generation of this family entered the field of mining and produsing and founded two producing units in the industrial pole of Sadrieh Mahalat. Among these foundations, we can mention the purchase and initiation of the Aligoodarz porcelain mine in 1372 SH in the region of Asgaran under the name of the Asgaran workshop 3.

In 1383 SH, in order to enter the global markets and export produced stones optimally, with a development plan, two complete slab lines (two open-form and tile saws) were purchased from Barsanti company in Italy. This plan was fully launched in 1386 SH.

State-of-the-art devices

More than 50 years of specialized experience

More than 100 experts

Leader in creativity and innovation

This group has benefitted from more than 100 efficient and expert manpower and after half a century, five active mines, consisting of Haji Abad Travertine, Lai Bid Porcelain, Ghorveh Kurdistan Porcelain, Aligoodarz Crystal and Karam Marfila Marble and three building stone producing units. It is fully prepared to cooperate and consult with the dear architects, builders, and mass builders of our country.

The manager of this complex Mohsen Mirzaei, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Construction Stone Miners of Markazi Province and the Iran Stone Association, considering the optimal efficiency of the rich and unique resources of building stones in Iran and considering the proper preservation and maintenance of the natural resources of this country is ready to cooperate with all manufacturers in the country and respectable merchants to provide the best quality and quantity of Iranian stone.