Iran Sang Mirzaei Industries Expert at
Extraction, processing and trading
(block, slab and tile)
With a complete Italian production line
Iran Sang Mirzaei Industries Member of Iran
Chamber of Commerce.
Board of
Directors of Central Province
Miners Association
and the Iranian Stone Association
Extraction and processing proud to All kinds of stones Travertine, marble and onyx

Iran Sang Mirzaei Industries

Iran Sang (Mirzaei) Mines and Factories Group with half a century of experience in the natural stone industry has entered the field of the stone industry since 1352 SH and the main purpose of this group is to extract, produce and supply all kinds of construction and trading stones in the form of blocks and produced. In 1359 SH, this complex, after successive activities in the labor market in its region, established the Nimvar Stone Industries Company, and due to the double growth and progress in the first ten years, in 1360, it expanded the industrial complex and was able to set up a building stone mine in Lai Bid area in Isfahan province, starting the field of coop mining.



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Iran Sang Mirzaei